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JayGivenchy 1st EP “Worth the Wait” Release

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

On Thursday July 22, the moment that everyone had been waiting for had finally arrived. The release of Broward County hottest up in coming rapper, JayGivenchy with first EP “Worth the Wait.” The night of his album release, he hosted a party at the Rooftop Lounge located in Pompano, where we, Flamboyant Talent, had the opportunity to conduct a live interview with him and celebrate with him his first album release. At Givenchy’s party there were several local artists that came out to show their love and support such as Sam1Kayy and Gank gaank, to name a couple of some of the Broward County hottest rappers. As the night went on, the crowd grew thick, anxious to see the man of the night take over the stage with a few of his favorite hits off of his new release along with others that he already has out playing on the local radio stations.

Upon Givenchy and his entourage making their grand entrance into the club, dapping up his fans and acknowledging his supporters, we were able to set him aside to hold an exclusive live interview with him about his album “Worth the Wait”. During this interview we ask him numerous questions from how his name come about? Too, what is his favorite track on his album and who are some of big wigs who helped him create and produce this album? As Ms. Flamboyant Talent herself, Jojo, conducted the interview with JayGivenchy, he started off a bit reserved and nervous. But, as the interview went on, he began to relax and opened more expanding on his responses, turning the interview into more of an open dialogue between the two. The first question asked to Givenchy was, where did the name Givenchy come from?

Givenchy: “the name came about when I was in jail, I told the guys who were locked up with me what I wanted my rap name to be and they said that it sounded wack and I should go with something like Givenchy. And when I heard the name Givenchy, I liked it, stuck with it, and came up with JayGivenchy.”

Jojo: Who are some of the people that inspire your music?

Givenchy: “I wouldn’t say that I am inspired by one person, I would say there are a group of local artist here in Broward who have created a stepping stone for us new rappers, like myself, to get to where we are, like Kodak and the Jack Boys.”

Jojo: Which artist could we look forward to being featured on your new EP?

Givenchy: “I didn’t feature anyone on this album, although I could have, I didn’t. I want to show everyone that I can carry my own weight and hold my own before I add anyone as a feature.”

Jojo: What makes this EP different from any of your other music?

Givenchy: “This album is different because it is authentic. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else and everything on there is going to be fire, because if anything is ever trash it will never make it to your phone, or your radio.”

Jojo: What is the first track expected to be played and what are your favorite songs on your album?

Givenchy: “The first song expected to be put out is Mr. Givenchy and my favorite track on my album is Big Dog and Thot is another one of my favorites”.

As the interview came to an end, we wanted to know if he had any upcoming events and he stated, “On August 5th I will be performing in Tampa, FL.”

After the interview, we chopped it up and flicked a few Flamboyantly Fly pictures with Mr. JayGivenchy himself right before he took off to the stage to perform his newest hits off his new album “Worth the Wait”. While he was on stage putting on his Grade A performance, he had everyone on their feet dancing and bopping to his music. To say that he had the club jumping would be an understatement. He had the club on fyre, and I mean a thousand degrees lit. With every song that he performed off his newest EP, it hit the crowd like a bomb, sending everyone into hype frenzy, partying harder than they were to the previous song played.

If you haven’t heard about this Broward County artist who’s about to take it to the next level, I suggest you tap in and tune in and learn more about JayGivenchy. He has made it simple for you to find him on every platform @JayGivenchy. To watch our exclusive interview with JayGivenchy check out our YouTube Ch Flamboyant Talent, log into our Instagram page @Flamboyanttalent or our website at

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