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Pretty Girl World Conference with Dr. T

This year Dr. Tamarrah Tarver known as “Dr. T” hosted her 6th annual Pretty Girl World Conference, here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This annual women’s empowerment conference was a two-day event that brought women together to discuss numerous topic’s while tying in biblical passages to affirm, uplift, and educate women on different facets in their life. At this year’s conference there were over 100 women who attended showing up and showing out, to get a piece of Dr. T’s teachings. During this event every emotion that one could imagine flowed through the place, ranging from feeling vulnerable to pure happiness and thankful.

Day one of the Pretty Girl conference started with the lovely ladies wearing their all white attire, which was requested by Dr. T for the women to wear on the first night of the conference. Ms. Neeshan Atkinson served as the host for the night with Dr. T as the speaker. The host Ms. Atkinson opened the night acknowledging the women on how Pretty they all looked in their all white, prepared them for what’s in store for the two nights, ending with a hymn that sent a wave of calmness and peace throughout the room. After her opening, she brought Mrs. Cathy Smith to the stage to do the honor of introducing Dr. T.

As Dr. T approached the stage with her powdered white dress and showing off her contagious smile everyone stood on their feet to applaud as she took over the podium. As she humbly welcomed everyone, she wasted no time diving right into her teaching for the night. Calling the women in the room Queens, teaching and explaining the process on how women were chosen by kings to be their Queen and the long rigorous process in which they had to go through being before chosen as a Queen. During her speech she also referenced, how women talk down and bad about one another when they should use that same energy to uplift and empower one another. As her speech came to an end, she challenged every woman in the room to tell the woman next to her how beautiful, loved, appreciated, and valued she is. During this moment as the women were speaking life and positivity and affirming one another, it brought a wave of emotions throughout the place leaving some in tears. As she ended the night, not only did she speak life, wealth, success, and prosperity on every person that attended, she also prayed for their healing, prayed that they will be able to overcome any and all personal struggles, and to connect them with those who will build and not tear them down.


On day two of the Conference, the day started with a light brunch hosting various guest speakers, such Tyi Obannon, Dr. YaQuanda McCall & Dr. Katina Kennedy, bringing awareness and insight to women on certain topics that are valuable to being a woman. Later that night, Dr. T closed out the conference the only way a Pretty Girl should, having the venue showered in all pink and white everything, while she and all the pretty girls who attend the conference rocked their pretty girl white T-shirt with Pretty Girl printed in Rose Pink letters on the chest along with a pair of jeans.

The jump the party off, Dr. T started with her Pretty Girl affirmation hyping the women up for the night. She then moved on to having a discussion panel on credit literacy with Chante Caldwell and Ann Duchess of Miami as the Guest Speakers to answer and educate the audience on the importance of credit, how to build your credit, ways to build business credit, and the different types of credit scores.

After the credit literacy discussion, dinner was served and boy was it on point, had me going back for seconds. Once people finished with their dinner, they headed to the dance floor to get down with Dr. T as she did the shuffle dance leading the room behind her. After a good time, dancing, burning off the calories from the food we just ate, and running out of breath the night ended with the most anticipated topic of the night, Topic being Sex. And during this topic there was no holding back on the thing’s questions and concerns some of the women had. After listening to some of the questions that were being asked, I had to call it a night because some of the pretty girls weren’t looking so pretty anymore. Join Dr. T next year as she paints Orlando, FL pink, for the next Pretty Girl World Conference.

To learn more about. Dr. T and the Pretty Girl World visit her website at

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