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John Wicks, The diamond in the rough coming to apply pressure to the Hip-Hop Industry

Masnik Sainmelus (born October 9, 1991) famously known by his stage name John Wicks, is a Haitian-American rapper from Golden acres in Pompano Beach, FL. He is known for his single “Haiti” featuring his brother Kodak Black & Wyclef Jean.

John Wicks was born in North Broward County, Florida, where he was also raised by his mother. His parents were migrants from Haiti. He describes his culture to be a rich and proud Haitian Heritage.

The transcending artist was inspired by his brother Kodak Black’s rap

skills which motivated him to chase the rap industry. He started to pursue his passion in 2013, by forming Papi Gang The Label. One of the reasons the Pompano Beach native enjoys performing so deeply is to see a smile on his fans faces and an inward method to get out of poverty. Moreover, he wants to let people know of the sacrifices and hard work involved in chasing dreams and achieving their goals.

Now at 30-year-old., John Wicks has led a great music career by coming out with an astounding four albums which include Hell on Earth (2016), John Da Baptist (2017), Wicks City (2021), and Wicks World (2021). The rapper also collaborated with Gank Gaank and Big Fredo. This up and coming diamond in the rough is here to apply pressure to the Hip-Hop industry.

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