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Homestead's Inspiring Legacy Consultant

Legacy Lane Consulting provides coaching services that help families learn the value and elite uses of Life Insurance planning, investing education, and strategic networking with Legacy in mind.

Founder Latoya Byrd is a 15-year education veteran who has transitioned into the professional realm of financial education as a Lic. Life Insurance Agent.

As Chieftess of Legacy Lance Consulting LLC, Latoya Byrd (The Legacy Coach) specializes in Life Insurance and has a unique Creative ability to help families tailor the Legacy they envision. By partnering with business owners, politicians and experts, Legacy Lane Consulting is devoted to helping families have a renowned “SIGNATURE LEGACY EXPERIENCE,” a tailored 100(+) year plan about family wealth, health, education, creative and community goals.

Please book a free consultation with Ms. Latoya Byrd by visiting:

Instagram @LegacyLaneCo


Business Line: 786.825.2836

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