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Vice Consul in the Bahamas Consulate General Miami Office Looks Forward to New Emerging Opportunities to Further Development in the Bahamas

Recently appointed in the Bahamas Consulate General Miami Office by the Prime Minister himself, Mr. K. Renaldo Collie wants to further the development of the Bahamas to increase investment and prosperity

USA - Everyone looks towards development and investments when they are a part of the government, especially if they are dealing with economics and trade. These are the very foundations for any country to prosper and build better relations with neighboring countries. It also helps increase employment and the GDP as countries can find better deals if they have good relations with others. This is exactly what Mr. K. Renaldo Collie aspires to do. Recently appointed as a Vice Consul in the Bahamas Consulate General Miami Office, he looks to seek out any available opportunities to further develop the Bahamas and better the lifestyle of its citizens.

Mr. K. Renaldo Collie started his journey in 2004 when he was hired as a technical support analyst at First Caribbean Bank. In the duration of time he spent there, he was part of two major projects namely the Branch Consolidation Project of Maderia/Palmdale and Eastbay/Harbor Bay, and the mergers of the Corporate Offices to the Shirley Street Financial Center. After that, he started to gain experience in how things work inside the governments and how these large-scale projects are executed. From funding to planning and authorization, it was the beginning of his journey to get to where he is now. After the First Caribbean Bank, he reverted back to completing his schooling in 2007. There, he earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Administration. These were completed by 2009 after which he immediately started his Master’s Degree in Business Administration which he went on to complete in 2011. With a proper degree and documentation in hand, Mr. K. Renaldo Collie served in the capacity of Government as a customs officer. This enhanced his portfolio as he gained many skills and business connections at this post.

Finally, after completing his degree and gaining significant experience, he cofounded UPower Solutions with international partners to develop energy solutions for solar and waste-to-energy management projects. These projects took place in the Bahamas and the Caribbean Basin. This venture was started in 2016, before which he was the personal advisor to the Chief Executive Office for BTC Bahamas Ltd, Mr. Leon Williams. He further consulted BTC Senior Management on the rollout of Flow TV IPTV services. Finally, coming to the current time, Mr. K. Renaldo Collie was appointed as the Vice Consul in the Bahamas Consulate General Miami Office by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas himself. His job over here was to oversee economic affairs, trade, and investment dealings with the Bahamas government. The main driving force that got him here was his interests in geopolitics, business, investments, and technology.

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