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1st Fridays Open Mic Night Featuring the Opa Locka Goon “Brisco” 7/2/21

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

This month's First Friday's Open Mic Night, presented by Sarahca with The Round Table Project, C&S Signature Events, & Will Seri’us was everything and more one could have asked for. The night started with the beautiful DJ Kaidot on the turntables, firing up the audience with hit after hit of the latest and hottest tunes. As time moved closer to the opening of the show guests began to fill in the seats, while others placed their food and drink orders, taking pictures, and exploring the tables of the featured vendors of the night.

​ Opening the show, host Will Sir'us kicked it off with hyping up the audience with his jokes, collective crowd engagement, and closing out with one of his very own spoken word pieces. In his opening, he introduced the master mind and creator of this highly anticipated monthly event, by Sarahca with The Round Table. Recognized by many, Sarahca is deemed “the Hottest Poet in the Game.” As she Flamboyantly graced the stage and melodically welcomed everyone in the most comforting and sweetest tone, suddenly changed into a more serious one. Her heightened tone, expressing both a temperamental and aggravated one, tuned the audience into her raw feelings surrounding the reality and underlying truth of the current disparities within the black communities. Her truth and choice words used to characterize her feelings while reciting her poem grasped the attention of the audience, causing them to go into an encore frenzy.

Once the tone of the show was established, the host Will Seri’us, prepared everyone for the moment in which they came for, to see the artist and their talent, collectively introducing the performers pumping them up for their big moment. But before the performers took to the stage, Sarahca returned to the stage teasing the crowd with one of her blissfully erotic poems, leaving the crowd yearning to hear more. As each performer took to the stage one by one displaying their art, they each brought their “A” game, maintaining the excitement in the room. To name a few of those who performed, the first act was comedian June, who had everyone laughing into six-pack ab’s throughout his entire skit. Next was the rapper Chopdayung, who amazed the audience with his lyrical flow on the mic rapping, followed by,to name a few and their talent, Feng Shui (Rock & Roll artist), BlocboyJah (Rapper), Daddy D (rapper), Poettis (Poet), and Comedians ( Pookie & Unk).

After a few performances, intermission took place allowing patrons to refill their drinks, which were well made by AMU Bartending and place their food orders from the highlighted food vendor of the night, April Eats. From the reaction of many and myself, I must say April Eats showed out with her generously drenched in (your flavor of choice) savory & saucy wings, mac ‘n cheese, and fries having the crowd notating her name and following her on Instagram. Also the host, Will Seri’us, was a vendor providing Hookah service with 35 different yummy flavors of tobacco for one to choose from and enjoy their flavored cloud of smoke, with his brand Wills Hookahs. And I can’t forget my favorite performer and poet, Poettis, who came through with merchandise of all sorts for purchase.

As the show began to near its closing, the featured guest for the night who’s a well-known rapper here in Miami known as the Opa Locka Goon, Brisco, took over the stage with each song that he performed the crowd danced and sang the lyrics to each of his songs.

His performance for the night, most say “was like a mini Live Exclusive concert.” After his performance with 3 acts left, they finished off the night strong, maintaining the high energy level in which the Open Mic Night started off with. 1st Fridays Open Night Mic with Sarahca, was just what the doctor ordered after a long work week to kick back and enjoy a great night amongst like minded individuals.

​Interested in being a performing act or vendor for 1st Fridays Open Mic Night messages us on our Instagram page @FlamboyantTalanet or you can email us at

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