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Flamboyant Talent Media Group is a marketing consultant and public relations firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We help businesses reach their goals through strategic guidance and creative marketing plans. Our team of passionate and experienced professionals has a proven track record of success.


At Flamboyant Talent, our mission is to increase public awareness of those whose talent and passion are overlooked. We vow to leave a legacy of talent being left unnoticed and change within our community. Our approach understands clients' needs by transitioning their vision into reality.


 Most of the content posted on this website usually comes from other blogs, articles, and informational website on the internet. Some content may contains opinions and factual information.


The website owner does not ensure accuracy of any content posted therefore is not liable.Copyright holders of images who do not wish to see their material featured on FLAMBOYANT TALENT or have not given proper credit please email us at, It is never our intentions to misrepresent anything on this site purposely.

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Flamboyant Talent Requirements: 50% deposit are due upon approval of services. Contracts cannot be cancelled. Cancellation before expiration of contract will result in a cancellation fee equal to the cost of space for the selected timeframe. Both parties will mutually agree on start date. Advertiser assumes all risk and agrees to indemnify and hold Flamboyant Talent Media Group LLC. harmless for all suits, claims, liabilities of any kind and damages that arise from the advertisement and any additional marketing and promotions. Payments for advertising are made via invoice at time of purchase.


The Talent Connect Queen

Currently the founder of Flamboyant Talent Media Group, Jocelyn provides guidance in a number of key areas, such as organizational development, succession planning, human resources, social media content, marketing and public relations.

One of Jocelyn’s strengths lies in her ability to thrive well under high-pressure situations, professionally and personally. In fact, it was this resilience that helped her overcome her battle with cancer several years ago, giving her both the drive and insight to be a stronger, more dynamic leader. Jocelyn also brings her heritage as a biracial female to her various roles, promoting diversity and inclusiveness.


Jocelyn holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching & Business Management from Florida Gateway College and has completed certification work through the International Society for Emotional Intelligence.

As needed, Jocelyn assembles a team to address client needs to ensure that her client's expectations are fulfilled.





PR Coaching

Speaking Engagements

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Flamboyant Talent accepts products or services for potential review. Please note  we are not obligated to review or write about your product/service. However, we will try our best to share products and services to our social media and/or website.
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Do you love writing along with a passion for social media, Flamboyant Talent is looking for you! Interns will gain experience in marketing, graphic design, public relation, and blogging..
We are always seeking writers, photographers or future publicist to work with us in creating great content for our website and attending events as an brand ambassador

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