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At Flamboyant Talent our clients always come first. Our Public Relations agency is an industry leader, and it’s because of the hard work we put into helping each and every one of our business partners reach their goals, deadlines and vision.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, FL and have been established since 2018. Since then, we’ve built up a team of passionate and thoughtful masterminds who put their knowledge and experience to the test with every project undertaken. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by creating different types of press releases, media kits, promotion and more.



At Flamboyant Talent, our goal is to bring public awareness to those who's talent and passion are being overlooked. We vow to leave a legacy of talent being left unnoticed and change within our community. Our approach is to understand our client needs by transitioning their vision into reality.

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Strategic & Targeted

Flamboyant Talent Requirements: 50% deposit are due upon approval of services. Contracts cannot be cancelled. Cancellation before expiration of contract will result in a cancellation fee equal to the cost of space for the selected timeframe. Both parties will mutually agree on start date. Advertiser assumes all risk and agrees to indemnify and hold Flamboyant Talent Media Group LLC. harmless for all suits, claims, liabilities of any kind and damages that arise from the advertisement and any additional marketing and promotions. Payments for advertising are made via invoice at time of purchase.

A custom-written 200-300 word blog post/article provided by client or written by our blogger.

Need help with business formation in the state of FL?
FTMG will assist clients with obtaining business entity including documents, EIN and more. We also can assist with creating a business email address for free with gmail or outlook.

Capturing event highlights visuals and photos of the most flamboyant moments. We will publish a post event write up on our website blog page and share event recap video on our social medial platforms.

A Press Kit is a document that visually expresses your brand information. It can be the first step towards potential sponsors, Advertiser or publishers to understand you or your brand, and how they can partner with you. So it’s very important to build a very professional Media Kit that expresses you skillfully. A Blogger Media Kit is an incredible kick-off to Marketing your Brand, Business or Blog.

Our impressive connections with media outlets give our clients the support they need to boost their businesses and careers. We provide innovative solutions, including Social Media Strategy, building their presence across multiple platforms.

  • FTMG Newsletter placement

  • Email blast to over 100+ companies

  • Website homepage

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter feed/story post.

  • Promotional video 

  • Event Listing

Branding is who you are—and marketing is how you build awareness. Branding is your strategy, while marketing encompasses your tactical goals Let us help you brand and/or market your business, brand or organization.

  • Business Branding

  • Artist Branding

  • Press Packages

 Planning, organizing, managing and coordinating various types of events.